Here I Come

I come here to tell you no lies
All you gotta do is look deep in my eyes
Blue as the skies
Decieve me and everyone dies

I'm on an island
In the sun
Having no fun

For every i love you
Theres another i hate you
For every i wish you were here
Theres another i wish you were dead
For every i wish i could have this back
Theres another i wish i didn't have this at all

Every time you look around
Take a walk outside your mind
Tell me what you find
Tell me what you hide

But is it over
Time is movin slower
My peices are coming back together
I just need to catch a lucky feather

I don't need to whisper
I don't need to speak
Just know that i'm full of love
Waiting to be taken by my lovely white dove

by Mitchell Capriotti

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