Here I Come

Here i come;
more courageous than ever,
more determined than ever,
more mature than ever.

by blessing nanier Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

Spoken truth... nowadays you have to be more of every aspect of you character in order to immune to everyday difficulties since the difficulties seem to ahve gotten even more difficult lately. Good Job! !
Wow, so beautiful, brings smile on readers face. How strong, how lively. Well written Blessing!
wow....i see you are so optimistic in this sweet poem...keep going lovely girl Hataw
Really really good poem. It shows your determination to never give up in life. Good job.
Stay strong and stay positive Paris 9
An interesting point of view on a mind 'under construction', as we all are... Well done!
in life we have to resolve one thing, that is, 'how are we going to face life'. once that is done then no matter what happens we have the guts and strength to surmount every obstacle. nice reminder about our state in life. thanks keep it up.
I think that without the fears, difficulties and problems, life wouldn't be life, good write anyhow...
very nicely written, it has a true stron meaning to it! :)
I love this..... I don't know why but I have an image of big boots, ready to trample down any problems in the way!