Here I Go

I cant believe its happening today,
I wish I could lay here till the angels take me away,
I've been forgetting who I really am and who I never got to be,
I found a way out and I'm taking it cuz I've forgen how to see.

The worlds been changing and so have you,
You dont love me like you used to.
I just want to be happy, is that to much?
I dont want to have to run from my broken mind, it hurts to touch.

I'm sorry now cuz here you see me for what I've always been,
A thing not quite right that you've failed to have seen.
My wrists you see with cuts on them, marks left there for life,
All I'll I can think is I dont get why I took pills; I should've used a knife.

I imagine myself burried six feet under as I make empy promises to everyone,
Cuz really I'm not going to live throungh this I've already decied things get better when I'm gone,
It may hurt you, it may tear you apart,
But thats how i've been living right from the start.

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