Here I Write

Here I am simply writing,
Writing a poem, I believe.
People write when they feel loved,
When they feel touched.
Others often write when they feel pain.
However, here I am writing…
Writing at a time my life is like the heartbeat on an ECG screen-
Up down, up down.

They think we are perfect,
Apologies for the disappointment; we are not.
We face challenges and experiences
We have fears but we deal with them.
That is life plain and simple.

Here I am writing a poem,
I think.
I really do not care what it is by the time
Whether my poem is well structured
With a rhythm or rhyme.
All I want to do is…
Write this, here and now.
Put my thoughts in black and white
And hope someday I would look back at it
Maybe with a smile.

by uchenna nnodum

Comments (1)

Nice poem, stating the poet resolution. Thanks for sharing Uchenna. Keep on with the good job.