Here In The Darkness Is Where I Belong

It's all coming to an end
walls are falling as I've got broken parts to mend
if only I could find the missing pieces covered in my pain
covering my scars and feeling the acid rain
cuz there's nothing left for me here
theres nothing left for me I fear

I used to be able to see the sun rising
and it's not like the darkness is suprising
its just that here is where I belong
in the coldness that I've craved for so long
and it's the coldness that kills me
I'm still in chains and not yet free

where do I brake my chains?
Is it when the the sun rises from these viens?
If I cut deep in enough and can cut out what you hate
I just cant accept this what is my empty fate
I cant believe I played your games and thought that you cared
the memories are just lies that I cant give up even if I dared

Behind the mask behind my eyes
there are thousands and thousands of broken cries
I've fallen to the ground and I just cant seem to stand
Just lay here silent on this cold desert land
Whispers tell me things can be okay
but the screams are the ones I hear at the end of the day
they tell me what I never want to hear
things that have fallen like the dropp of this tear

when you can brake my chains is when I'll come back
when you can fix me is when I can stop the attack
when you can heal my scars is when thing are okay
when you can help me is when I've given up anyway
when you can free me is when I'll throw away the pills
when you can do this is when something slowly kills
cuz you cant help when you trying to help youself
cuz you cant help me when your putting me back on the shelf

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