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Here Is Peace, Why Look For Another?

here we are
caught in the night
trap and we prepare
for the coming of
light which brings
us more truth, we
are those who work
hard to prepare for
the incoming confrontation,
unnecessarily i think,
since i do not really
bother about what
happens next, i am just
cooperating with your
woes and worse your
anxieties, and so i do
this and that as told
by you, but there is
a limit to all these,
i may soon sit and read
and not mind what you
say. here i am
attuned to what i am,
comfortable with myself,
and not anxious about
how i look and what they
say. I like this nook.
overlooking the sea.
the world is too wide
and space is encompassing
and we are too small
and insignificant.
to the world we have
no names, no places,
no histories. i love
it, when i am negligible.
when i am as usual,
alone and meditative.
here is peace, why
look for another?


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