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Here It Is
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Here It Is

I’m here to lay it out flat
So I know where we’re both at
I can’t come straight out clean
Writing out what I could never say
I guess speaking just isn’t my way
I’m sure you have a lotta questions now
Such as what, when, where, why and how
That’s why I’m here writing you
I don’t think you had a clue
I kept so much packed down inside
Yeah, my life’s been one wild ride
Fights and quarrels in the rough
That’s proly what makes this so tough
To tell anyone about the past
Who knows if friendships really last
When told how this really works
You know, the troubles, fears, and quarks
That no one sees at first glance
But all comes out once enhanced
Digging deep down under the skin
All pain comes out, every little sin
Every small careless detail
Escapes past that protective rail

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