AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Here On Earth

Everyday, I miss you more, more than I
did, the day before! It seems, it's never
going to change, this feeling of emptiness!
It doesn't matter, how much time has past,
it never gets, any less! I sometimes wonder,
if you can see me, how I wish, it were true,
I'm sure you'd understand, why I feel, like I
do! Many times, I get this feeling, you're
not that far from me, even though, I know,
there's nothing tangible, I see! Just the way
I feel at times, is so different than other days,
I can't explain, what it is, but I'll change in many
ways! I've noticed at times, a feeling of serenity
surrounds me, it's as if you're standing, by my
side. At that moment, I feel nothing can perturb
me and if it does, I can let it ride! I do believe
at times, you come to visit, even though many,
will dispute that fact, saying it's all in my head.
They can proclaim, whatever they like, as I
know, the difference, I'm not only wide awake,
I'm already up and out, of bed!

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