BB (1983 / Houlton, Maine)

Here's The Truth

I pretend that I'm okay
As i hold back all my tears
While what becomes a reality
Is now one of my greatest fears

I thought we had a good thing going
Makes me wonder if i ever mattered
As my heart that once was whole
Is now broken and completely shattered

I hear the echo of your words
I can almost feel your touch
You always knew how to comfort me
How i miss you oh so much

I gave you every part of me
I lacked of nothing when with you
I wish i said the things i needed to say
And done the things i needed to do

I don't know how to make you see
I'm torn apart inside
And now I'm left with this emptiness
And not an ounce of pride

I was wrong and i messed up
But you did to you see
But when you're with her i will be in your memory
To remind you that should be me

How do i go on without you
There's not a night i haven't cried
Just a reminder of all the times i failed you
And the times i never tried

When i look up at the stars at night
And wish you hadn't gone
I wonder if that is the same star
That you'll be wishing the same thing on

Forgiveness is a virtue
I'm putting in a plea
Please with all my heart and soul
Will you please forgive me

They say everybody gets a second chance
I can't believe that we are through
But here's the honest truth my love
I'm still in love with you!

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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