What Should Lead

As I walk down this newfound road
Sharp thorns bristle
Sunflowers grow

He told me to go
Down the new road
He said I was ready
It's time to go.

No packing bags,
for this trip you need none
Now hurry up, we've got to run

Where are we going?
No reply.
But something's not right..
With that look in his eye.

Continue to trek
Eyes on the ground
I wait and listen, but hear no sound

Drag on in silence,
Now I must confess
For wherever we're going,
I'm poorly dressed.

He says not to worry,
I look just fine
Oh no don't look back,
Leave the dirt behind.

Here comes a bush, covers beyond
Oh look, we're here.
A new thought just dawned,
Something, Is Wrong.

What's behind the bush would surely amaze
A plethora of headstones, hundreds of graves
Oh look, over there,
That one says my name...

by Kathryn Kubacki

Comments (5)

As I lay up in this bed today I said to myself today isn't going to be like yesterday... and within every hour it proceeded to only get better... the phone wouldn't quit ringin'.. family and friends from all over callin' and I guess it was as if today was the day that EVERYONE knew that I was able to handle the overwhelming love people had to offer... but I do have to say that at the end of my day today, I recieved a call from a precious young lady (YOU) and we ended up having a 3some over the phone w/ the one mentioned in this tribute....(DOC) ... I have to say it was awesome and I truly have you ALL to thank for the love and hope that each of you have given... Cat babygurl, you are right... with the love Doc spreads from all over is something to be treasured for certain. CHEERS! ! ! ! Kris! !
he signs...peace and love, Doc...and that is exactly what in his mails he brings to me...thanks Catlin...you said what I feel...love...nalini
What a nice tribute to Doc Wilde. Good for you Catlin. Sincerely, Connie Webb
Yes! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! t x
I will toast to that! Doc has friendship that courses through his soul. I have never a met a man like him nor will there ever be another. HERE'S TO YOU DOC, THE BEST FRIEND ANYONE COULD HAVE! ! ! ! Outstanding tribute Cat! ! ! !