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Here's To The Dads
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Here's To The Dads

Poem By SarahJane Platt

Here's to the Dads.

We could see it from the start
Those dual lines pierced our hearts
We saw our child born, growing, grown
Before even a bump was shown.
But none of us saw this. No way
to factor in the dismal day
When we would say 'I can't. Help me'
Unable to quell our mind's faint plea.
So here's to the Dads, who must be strong
Though surely wonder 'what went wrong? '
And 'could I have done just one more thing
To help, to stop this happening? '
These things happen naturally
Though natural's the last thing they seem to be.
But yet you wonder 'what can I do? '
Most importantly, please just be you.
Don't judge or hide or blame yourself;
Keep positive, maintain your health
We love you, miss you, need you strong
We'll come back before too long.
It's not forever and we'll pull through
So here's to the Dads, here's to you.

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