Here's To Us

Adolescent. Young. Inexperienced.
Stupid. Youthful. Careless.
All words to describe teenagers.
So this is for us.

Here’s to waking up way too early
To impress people we don’t even like
Here’s to learning things
We forget about the next day
Here’s to dealing with teachers who lose your assignment
And make you redo it
Here’s to studying the wrong page
And doing the wrong homework assignment
Here’s to those days where you don’t get out of bed until noon
And eat breakfast at one
Here’s to putting in your earphones
And turning the music up as loud as it will go to block out the world
Here’s to living life on the edge
Without the fear of falling

Here’s to not living up to your parents expectations
And not being the most popular
Here’s to not caring one day
Then caring a whole lot the next
Here’s to living while we are young
And never growing up.

So yeah, we are inexperienced, stupid, young.
But we are only young once.
We don’t want to waste any days before we grow up
We want to enjoy every moment
No matter how small it may seem
We want to live like there is no tomorrow.

So here’s to us.

by Abbie Jensen

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I like the elucidation of poem