Here's To Young Seniors, Whose Adult Life Just Begun,

The living with heartaches, sorrow, joy and fun.
It's the planning and saving and making things do,
It's the happiness of living after you've been blue.
It's a world full of love to seek it out,
For there's someone for everyone that's without a doubt.
Life is what you make it for the living ahead,
Be careful how you plan it or you'll wish you were dead.
There's people of all types who play life's game,
Some run very wild and others are very tame.
Whatever the type person there's always a good reason,
Whether it's a moon, stars, fall or any season.
To sum it all up and have the most joy with living,
You've got to have blissfulness and need to keep giving.

by Chester H. Reeve

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Thanks for this poem, I really like it and as I am just turning 18 theres lots of meaning in there. Warm regards, Seán