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Here, Still, Waiting For You!

Here, still, waiting for you!

As you drown in an illusion of life
Keep floating and sinking in those dark and colored nights
Here, at the edge of my life
I have watched time slip by
How many seasons have come and gone
In the full and wane of that golden moon
Here, I awaited, and still, I wait for you
I, too, tried to share those illusions of yours
for I longed, even for a half of your loving heart - be mine!
Here, I have waited for your returning footsteps!
How many seasons have come and passed?
How many times the autumn leaves shed
In the golden and stillness of the last sunlight
Here, I, still, await your footsteps!
In the deafening of the ice-wintry nights
Can't you also hear in the wind that whispered?
Your name, my love, your name whom I called
How many times has the breeze of spring passed?
Your youth and mine, the greenest of life,
will it last?
Or only the darkness of my shadow that casts
its loneliness and sadness as time passes
Yet, as the rhythm of life sustains
My longing for you still remains
In each and every beat of an untainted heart
My love for you - not an illusion - will last!

Nhật Thụy Vi
May 2015
(thanks Anastasia Wickham with editing)

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Nhật Thụy Vi

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A marvelous write - I appreciate the flow of words of love- great penning. thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.you deserve more than ten /ten