Here The Beauty Of The Stars And The Moon Shall Make Me Live For Another Day.

do you really think
that i cannot keep that promise
to myself, love?

i know i broke some,
if not many,
but it is not the end
of my story

time changes everything
so goes the saying
and now i made that promise
that i am going to change
for the better

if not the best that i can
be, away from you.

the tree is thick with leaves
this summer
and birds are flocking
making their nests and laying
their eggs

the leaves which fell after
the storm
have rotten, humus is aplenty
and there i watch
the new seeds coming out from
their hard coverings

here the songs of these birds
shall keep me singing too
here the sprouting seeds shall
show me what hope is
here the silence of the night
shall cover me
here the beauty of the stars and
the moon
shall make me live for another day.


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