Here, There And Everywhere

Your there and everywhere, but never here.
I want your hand beside me, near me, wiping this tear from my face.
I can still feel your warm embrace, your arms sliding around my waist.
But it seems everytime I need you, you're never here.
It makes me sad that I can't call out to you and you'll never hear.

I'll count the days until your standing next to me
gently nudging me, giving all of this a satisfying guarantee.
But the smile I fear is slowly falling from your bottom lip,
I can feel it slipping down your side and ripping your seams.
And now your disappearing from my sweet dreams.

I fear that I'm forgetting you like last years Thanksgiving,
I pray that you say the same, it'll make it easier for my standard everyday living.
I feel like giving up and disposing the rest of this alcohol in my dry cup.
But my memories won't let it go and whether you know it or not, your the constant knot in my gut.

So I'm playing this smile and trying to make it last like my lame phone charger,
But when I think you, the lump in my throat gets larger.
I miss you my friend and I can't wait until I get to see you
And just to set the record straight, all the hateful things I once said are untrue.

So hurry back and we'll set things right, whether it's the wrong thing or the right thing to do.
Having you as my friend is the proper thing to do.

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