Here To Give

I am here to give.
Not wallow away,
In your solicitation...
To be understood for 'your' insecurities.
While you self indulge,
Seeking opportunities...
To feed more of your greed.

Or subject myself to listening to testimonies,
Of how your needs are not being met to please...
More of your selfishness.

I am here to give.
And feel blessed...
I am not caught up,
In attempts to make impressions.

'But you ain't got a penny and your pocket.
Or a bucket to carry anything claimed you own.'

Who is to say I was the one needing those things?
And someone else didn't?

Like I said...
I am here to give.
And not to impress...
You or anybody else,
In the doing of what it is 'I' do!

Does that provide you with a hint or a clue,
As to how I feel about your assessment made of me?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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