Here To Perform Tasks Then Leave

It is there within us,
Left safe...
And kept protected.
All of our fears we do not admit,
There is 'something' in the mix...
That does not satisfy what we get.

'What about 'me'?
Are my feelings not legitimate?
Why aren't they perceived? '

And yet,
With all there is from us to give...
Many live to know of this.
There is a feeling of dismissal.
And this is lived with acknowledgement.

We must live and trust,
That a power far greater than us...
Knows our deeds.
And we believe this 'power' relieves,
With an erasing done of a grief...
We did not originate to initiate,
Those feelings of distrust received.

And yet,
We spend our lives regretting...
A sacrifice we do that comes to upset,
Those unappreciated efforts made...
Gone unrespected and left to go undetected,
By those we feel are close to our hearts.

Not all,
But many feel they are not benefactors...
Of what they know to be,
An unconditional love that is given.
And received by others as if from the giver,
This to them is meant to be a special delivery!

'What about 'me'?
I am not living ungrateful or selfishly.
What about me,
We ask.
Am I here just to perform tasks,
Then leave?
What about me? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Its not to benefit, but to bring hope when there is no hope. Its a quote that reminds of some dear friend you lost by tragedies end. Its to inspire and teach. Its is say please let this not be beyond my reach. Its a love and passion. No need from self gratification. Its is vent, repent, and confess to those who know nothing of you Its an outlet so strong, that it can reach anyone. Thanks for the poem! !