Here To Win

Here To Win

I couldn't sleep
that night,
I was slaving the
whole night,
With my poetry
pen unto my righten hand,
to write
the correct lines that might
make me win the battle,
It's was 2015 and
my first year's poetry battle
And all thanks
to Lonwabo for putting
me on that list,
With my pen name
written "Lewis Da-Lyricist"
at the 2015 Poetry Battle.

It was the battle
of the unbeaten poets,
I couldn't believe my
name was written on that
My mind was not so
and my fellow participants
were starting posting
their poems,
And received all the
support they expected from
And that
gave me a little bit
of nervousness.

My lines were
so packaged nicely
glued together with poetic devices,
I submitted my first
with an hour late,
And the next day
it was saturday
with some nervousness,
I submitted the second
by 30min late
And I've been battling
with nine poets
cause I was the tenth one.

Glory Be to God
My poems started
shaking things
like the earthquake,
Every part of my amateur
poetry stories
start to fall
or break,
Cause I started from the
of zero fans,
And both poems
gave me a clear vision
and hope
to my poetry field
cause I'm the soldier
and I just came to win.

On the day of results,
I was so happy
and nervous
about whose pen name
is written in the list
of poetry champion? ,
You see those questions
kept puzzling me,
And Guess what? ,
My name
was called and I won
that poetry battle,
And I couldn't believe
it was me,
And all the poetry
dancing feet started
to shoot the ground.

Poets started to bow
down unto my ink
And now they call me
the king
And the "Poetry God".

All Rights Reserved

Copy Righted 2018

Lewis Da-Lyricist

by Lewis DaLyricist

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