Here W/ You

Poem By michae juztine

somtimes i feel so sad so lonely
but when i think of you
it turns out so happy
here i am w/ you
so careless
yet so brethless
your voice always tells me
that im worthy
Holding hanDs onto thE clOuds
EmbraCe mE coZ i fEel So liGht,

catch me whEn i Fall
thEn brIng mE to yOur Deeply sOul
I guEzz itz thE saFest
I hoPe Its 4eVer
BcoZ i HavE No DoubT
Of loVinG You....
I Will DevouR yOur HeaRtaches
Damn thE pEople whO dO yOu wrOng B4...
Now thAt iM HerE bEsiDe yoU
Your fRee From PaiN anD soRRow
Bcoz mY sPiRiT wIll LoVe You
UntIl mY HeartbEaT Ends.........

Comments about Here W/ You

There are lots of messenger services out there: MSN, Yahoo...the list goes on. Quite why you thought a hotmail message constitutes ironic poetry, I don't know.

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