Here We Are Again

Poem By Kenneth Umunna

Here we are again
Blood dripping in sweat’s place
Anguish sounding in joy’s place
Loss counting in gain’s place
Frown standing in smile’s place
Where do we go from here?
For it seems we are here again

War songs in sweet hymn’s place
Burnt man in burnt meat’s place
Maiming in taming’s place
Myrrh in powder’s place
How did we ever get here?
For it all seems we’ve been here before

How far can we ever get from here?
Every step made, a wasted step
With it comes a change of date
The promised date takes a step ahead
Again we ask-how did we get here?
For it seems we’ve been here before

We will no doubt keep up the fight
Till blood clots and begin to heal
Till the ante comes to stay
An ante tranquil and angelic
Old questions will part our lips
New answers our voices will spill

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Like it, great work, a fantastic poem. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Stand Tall.

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