Here We Are, Yet Again!

After decades of steady and rapid decline,
It is becoming increasingly difficult...
For anyone to prove,
With or without a protesting to do...
That time has been spent,
Focused and disciplined...
Sweating in an exhausting sacrifice,
In support of efforts each has made...
To ensure opportunities produced,
In all fields endeavored,
Has created benefits obvious and seen...
Throughout their communities.
Validating the existence of a unity believed.
And people have come in unity to protest,
A request for more time to express...
Their appreciation and gratefulness.
Is a delusion,
Of an impossible dream.

'Here we are, yet again.
To show our unity as a people.'

~To prevent, yet again.
The doing of what, grandpa? ~

It's just a ritual.'

Like going to church?
And saying 'Amen',
After a sermon has been preached.
To leave and believe,
'Something' has been learned? ~

'This time it's different.'

~How? ~

'There are more younger people,
Determined to keep...
Active their beliefs without faking faith.'

~Grandpa, stop being so negative.~

'I'm hoping you will help me do it.
If God allows me to live.
Everybody my age,
Are here to be seen to impress.
To do nothing meant that's meaningful.'

~You don't know that, grandpa.~

'Hopefully that reality,
You wont come to know either.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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