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Here We Go Again! -07
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Here We Go Again! -07

Poem By Selena Star

I finally get over you
And we become friends
And it stays that way...

I give you advice on girls
We talk like there was
Never a fling between us

And then one day we go back to that place
Where we first started getting close
And then, it happens all over again

You skate in circles around me
And i watch, helplessly falling
Back in love

I catch myself, try to snap out of it,
And convince myself
That were nothing but friends

I think 'Oh well,
Might as well have fun
While i still can'

Then you look at me with those eyes
And i cant help but sigh
I try to snap out of it, again

I try to stay away,
I don't want to fall back in love with you,
Cos i don't want to get hurt again

We talk about us
And you dont know what you want...
Well thats just great! ! !

Well, babe, you need to figure out
What you want,
Because i cant wait forever

I've learned to move on, so if
All you want to do is hurt me, it's okay,
Because im already used to the pain

And it won't hurt as bad the second time,
But just know, that i'm waiting for your answer,
So please think about it, soon

And if not, just tell me
So that i can move on
Like i did before

I sit, and i think about why,
I'm waiting, and then i think to
Myself 'Here We Go Again! '

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Comments (2)

Been there with a guy I had a fing for in yr 7 lol. Great write Star: -)
ha! ok i have read it now whats the story behind it? ? ?