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Here We Go Again

Let's party hearty once again
Time for the pleasure and the pain
Of excesses in all good things
An excuse that the season brings

Fill up on mince pies and sherry
For 'tis the season to be merry
'Let's have another drink' they say
But come morning a price they'll pay

Friends and neighbours, kith and kin
Converge to make a festive din
'Hello again' 'Long time no see'
Reunions there's bound to be

Beer and laughter flowing free
A throng of happy souls they'll be
Relating stories of the year
Punctuated by more beer

Past the buffet guests all file
Trifle trodden in the pile
With vol-au-vents and chicken wings
A reveller gets up and sings...

...A song of yore from yesteryear
Appreciation brings a cheer
They join in in their ones and twos
All in fine voice induced by booze

As the party's winding down
There's concern for the party clown
With too much ale inside his belly
He's upside down behind the telly

In Yuletide fun the time does fly
The hour comes quick to say goodbye
To friends and family, old and young
They've made sure Auld Lang Syne's been sung

Memories of party nights
Will warm their hearts as winter bites
Party spirit you can't restrain
They'll say 'We must do that again! '

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Interesting look on the season! But oh how we all come to love that time of year for those very same reasons. Good job