Peaceful We Are

Peaceful we are, but we can
Understand and we are able to
Give a befitting reply to
The language of war.

We know, fear creates irritation,
Irritation creates anger
And anger creates violence,
We know peace cannot be achieved
By violence and by war.

Peaceful we are, but we will not
Allow any one to tear up peace
And tranquility in our area.
And also we allow not you
To abuse peaceful development.

by Gajanan Mishra

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I have read a modern translation of all of Hafiz's poetry and I believe he was one of the greatest poets that ever lived. He also was known to be a Perfect Master having attained Cosmic Consciousness.
Such an inspiring poem👍👍👍
It is really tiresome that I and perhaps you cannot rate poems anymore because some messed up computer thingee can only respond to a vote by demanding we sign in again and again and again. Really getting tiresome. Neither can I track down the comments that notifications to my e-mail tell me about.
Ah, what is left of life, now she is dead, - - -This line tells the unvarnished truth about grief, but it is only one of the truths about the death of a loved one. There is the truth that there is still life to be lived and enjoyed and shared with others- so many people need to be loved out there, so many could use a good and wise friend.