AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Heritage, You Spin

Beauty is verily rediscovered
In nature's resplendent hues
As she taps spaces in my lonely heart
Those that have not yet been awakened
To the langoured looks of her sensuality
As she lies untouched and waiting
To be embraced and owned as one more
Of god's creation, unrivalled jewel since time

Culture is fruitfully unfolded
In mankind's channelled behaviour
As she rips spaces in my bruised heart
That has only often seen her cruel side
As painful actions of her ruthlessness
Beam larger in comparison to her appealing ways
To be endorsed and sanctified as yet another
Of the Maker's endowment since mankind's birth

Tradition is carefully unveiled
In bountiful streaks of concern
As she clings unwittingly to my heart
In those ridges that grope for miracles
While bounden immaculate mercies lie unharnessed
As they zoom past as if on flying wheels
To be accepted, unsuspected and unchallenged
As His mastery spans creatures great and small

In time we shall decidedly know!
That beauty discards its mask to be rediscovered
That culture instills spirituality to be unfolded
That tradition abandons its scent to be unveiled
In time, we shall surely come to know!

By aryaindia

Author's comments:
The value of beauty, culture and tradition should never be underestimated

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