Cool Breeze

Cool breeze and fresh air,
Give comfort and raise hair,
Body relaxed and sound sleep,
Novel ideas and insight to peep,

What a gift from nature,
Fresh impetus with ideas to nurture,
Leaving behind past and think of future,
Fresh page of life with beautiful signature,

Never to loose heart or courage,
It is nature’s gift or message,
New avenues and new passage,
Bad memories but feelings assuage,

World doesn’t end with end of day,
Spring almost there in month of May,
Never close door for future say,
Who knows ship may come at bay,

After all future is bunch of hopes,
Great heights with steep slopes,
Even walking on tight ropes,
Nature is key to secret codes,

Learn to live with eyes around,
New things always nearly found,
Fresh wind raises beautiful sound,
Fragrance sweet from parallel ground

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (4)

Wagwan piff ting peng ting innit
This poem is very regimented like an army you should write a paragraph on structure
The regular, ordered structure of this poem with the complicated and emotional content reflects the public mood at the time towards the war. It was ostensibly calm, optimistic and controlled, but in the reality of the trenches it was chaotic, meek and there was much death. It is ironic also, that the death of Jack, 'blown into small bits' is not in the least bit 'glorious'. It shows the soldiers were fighting a war that reduced 'heroes' into panicking wrecks trying to get sent home. The 'woman with white hair' in this poem is a character that echoes the extremely british notion of maintaining a 'stiff upper lip' - ' The false information given to the woman so that she can remember her son as a 'brave' and 'glorious boy' reflects to what extent the authorities covered up the truth about the war to maintain morale and optimism.