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Heroes (9/11)

Heroes (9/11)
by Glenn Grabbe

The fabric of life; a sturdy quilt
Our prayers and words of comfort have built.
Our time and our talents, our homes and our bread,
The gifts that we share add color and thread.
The fall of twin towers made it tear
A horrible gash like none we could bear.
Fire! Fire! The dangerous flee.
How could this happen? How could this be?
We reeled in shock; we stared in awe;
In disbelief of all that we saw.
But slowly, but surely the menders begun
To repair all the damage that Evil had done.
And the fabric of life will always remember
Each life that was lost, each heroic member.

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9-20-2013 Darrin Davis stole this poem for a project, don't tell him I told you
9-20-2013 Darrin Davis stole this for his project