DG (9/19/1963 / )


She was lost in the cracks
Just trying to find her way back
Would she resurface in the ocean
Remnants of who she was there standing
Where no one was left behind
Gone as the weak all turned blind
To these that were left unfinished
Lost in the water with everything that was diminished
She knew one day that she'd soon emerge
From the earth nothing uncovered and all was purged
She was a phoenix forged from the depths of this planet's core
Brought back from a dark unexplored door
As she reached out to it the fire burned her fingertips
The taste of smoke burned through her poisoned lips
She was an artist who loved wolves and the moon
Who knew that it would all end soon
When she's only just begun
It was the life she craved yet she was the final one
Before her time she never seemed born within life's dream
Her eyes would weep for all that she's already seen
Through the looking glass she's finally found a way
By remembering every last detail so that she could stay
She's walked through the fire to save the boy called 'Wolf' from a hunter's arrow
A wild son of the forest he was; until she named him Sparrow

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THIS is for a family member, .........................