I am yours as the summer air at evening is
Possessed by the scent of linden blossoms,

As the snowcap gleams with light
Lent it by the brimming moon.

Without you I'd be an unleafed tree
Blasted in a bleakness with no Spring.

Your love is the weather of my being.
What is an island without the sea?

by Daniel Hoffman

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A wonderful write, as always when it comes to anything by C.S. Lewis. Love you, Jack! Forever immortalised in your works.
Seamus' comments on poems must be read- he adds so much to our understanding. I can only add that I found this poem to be like a Christmas tree with sparkling words like ornaments om its beautiful limbs.
Through the starry hollow! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Old school craftsmanship, deftly weaving the precision of rhyme and meter to produce a tapestry of luminous beauty. The atmosphere, the imagery, the flow of idea, all seamlessly enhanced by the construction of the language. Learn from this, young poets, that your rhyme and stanza construction should not be what the reader notices. They should quietly point to the image that you see in your mind and quietly pass over to the mind of the reader.
Good it!10