Heterosexual Dawn

My rhythm is not as good,
As those who do it for quick tips.
I am your servant by my choice...
Not because I feel a bit desparate!
I understand your husband,
May be gone for the week.
But I am not on call to lust...
Or to freak with those who pay my keep!

I understand you want to use,
My man-ness,
To compare to him and complete.
But madâme I love this life I live...
And you and your mistress,
Wish a male companion to give,
And share fantasies for three some heat!
A heterosexual dawn you request...
Although it is a lesbian affair you lust,
Under your sheets at best.
But your husband will not catch me there,
When he returns from his affairs on the streets!
I have my own buns to fondle when I'm home.
And there my own croissants to eat!
Slightly buttered, not too crusty or too sweet!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

This is very freaky man. I mean WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I think the rhythm was great, it gave me a sense of tapdance. Those who do it for quick tips throw out their hips, anyway. Jack
The last two lines are of great taste and imagination rolled into one. Nice write....Steve