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Hey I can't believe everything has happened.
I thought you were different.
Hey it's me, the girl you loved.
No I'm nothing more but a face in your memories.
And me?
You stay engrained in my thoughts.

Hey remember when you'd say you'd be there forever.
Guess forever was too much for you.
I still love you, I swear I do.
No matter how many tears we've shed.
You said you loved me even though I love others.
You said you loved my poems.
I miss your hugs, kisses, and your eyes.
Loving you seemed so easy but I turned out to be harder than calculus.
Hey I'm sorry I got lost in love.
I thought it was just a walk in the park.

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'Very nice' Sometimes we often take the things for granted that really mean the most to us. I really like the way this flow, s It's more like your just talking, but again, a poem also. Thanks for the read. 'Keep on inkin the Pages' Poison