DAH ( / Baltimore, Maryland)

Hey Bartender

Sit where you want sir,
This party is coming to an end.
Wherever you sit sir, you will
Surely find a friend...
Ah, yes, the old timers have
Long since passed.
Hey bartender, fill up his glass.
Yes, I know sir,
Nothing's like it use to be,
But drink up sir,
This round's on me.
Why for sure, this is the place
Laughter and good times dined,
But time drifts into the future sir,
We are near the end of the line.
Don't mean any harm sir,
No need to shed a tear,
Drink up old friend, tomorrow night,
If all goes well, I will be back here.
Well sir, it is time to call it a night,
Don't worry old time,
everything is going to be all right.
So long now and fair well,
Yes, this is the place where
Laughter and good times did dwell.
The mighty Sphinx Club,
A place sublime!
Hey bartender, another drink
For this new friend of mine.

April 1986

by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

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