DG (December 24th,1991 / Cranston, Rhode Island)

Hey Bush...Stop!

Hey Bush!


Take a breath and relax your ambitions.

Open up your ears and listen.

Open up your eyes and see.

See the destruction, look at the debris.

The debris of those who have fallen.

Down to your knees, the ones who are crawling.

The ones who are calling for help but your stalling.

Open your mouth and taste the tears.

That have been shed from people over the years.

I bet they taste salty from all the fear.

That you have put into them, and you don't even care.

Your breath leaves a heavy stench of lies.

When that stench hits the faces of people, it makes them want to cry, it makes them sigh.

It makes them wonder why.

Wonder why a person like you has no regret for what you do.

It's like you've wounded this earth and will leave a pernament scar.

People who look at the scar will find it bizzare.

That they breathe the same air you've diseased.

With bombs, burning oil, and the screams of those lives you have seized.

You leave cracks, in streets of Iraq.

From the explosions of your attacks.

In no way us people can react.

Because your actions leave us with panic attacks.

Some people that you've hurt made a suicide pact.

Because they don't want to live with you on their backs.

If you don't want to face the facts.

Then get off this sinking ship.

Leave it and don't look back.

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this poem is so true! Bush does need to open his eyes and see wats going on! Well done