WV (17/04/1968 / Malaysia)

Hey...Friend! ! !

Hey... ‘Friend’,
Walk with me….
Let’s not shun and sidle.
With peace,
We shall reveal.
And mingle

Hey... ‘Kawan’,
Smile with me….
Let’s not simper and sheepish,
With lovely thoughts,
We shall seal,
And seek.

Hey... ‘Pan Yaw’,
Laugh with me….
Let’s not shush and scowl,
With happy moments,
We shall rock,
And roll.

Hey... ‘Koottukaran’,
Cry with me….
Let’s not snub and shrug,
With sharing shoulders,
We shall sturdy,
And hug.

Hey... ‘Nanba’,
Stay with me
Let’s not sulk and swap,
With strong friendship,
We shall remain,
And Best of luck…! ! ! ! ! .


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