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Hey Girl, I Am Here. Here

the twilight's sunshine permeates the room,
it shines over you, making your smile so irresistible,
and i saw an angel.
as the song begins to play,
your foot too started to move so lightly,
there you would sway,
dancing with no flaws.
on this dance floor, this is where you belong,
your moves so gently, matches the song perfectly,
you close your eyes, indulge in the music,
your hem coincides the floor like the leaf sailing on water's surface,
under this dazzling sunshine, embosom with this lovely song,
so beauty a dance i have ever behold.
every steps you take tell a story of yours,
manifesting such graceful nature you possess,
enchanting all your acquaintances.
you hum along the dance,
smile on your face had never once fallen,
and this is paradise.
if i could be the other half that is barely tolerable,
and only i could join in your dance,
to hold you in my embrace,
we shall dance to the end of our stories.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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we shall dance to the end of our stories. Beautiful... Let us all hope we can... Colin J... 10...