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'Hey Jules! It Was Just Like When We Were Young! '

She wears the red dress,
The one with the slit and the
'Did you see her? ! ' neckline;
And he wears the no expense spared suit,
The one that always looks so handsome,
In it's dry cleaner's bag.
Travelling into town,
They barely notice the crumbs
As bright lights welcome them like old friends;
He buys her a drink in a glass she won't wash;
And she is careless with it,
Because she knows it won't be there in the morning.
Giggling, fizzing they go;
Back to the car as tiny hands
claw them back before their time.
He hangs up the suit.
She puts away the dress.
And as she pushes 20 years
To the back of her mind he whispers,
'Hey Jules, it was just like when we were young.'

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Beautifully evocative & well-seen. Thank you.
Ummmhhhhh! ! ! ! ! lovely! Sincerely Ernestine Northover