Hey Love

Poem By LaShawanda Ivey

Hey Love I see you every night
In my dreams, You are tall, dark and lovely
Your eyes is deep brown and it cuts through my soul
Hey Love I like when you put your strong muscle
It feel so comfortable and safe
Hey Love I your corn rolled hair
That's so straight and silky
Hey Love I like the way you talk so smooth and relaxing
Hey Love I want to know your name.But I'm to shy to step
To step to you and speak, a because everytime I try to
speak to you I have chills down my spine
Hey Love everytime you pass by I smell to sweet scent
of your colonge
IT smell like the fragrence Cool water it put me in a
Hey love tell me your name I want to know your name

Comments about Hey Love

This is very well written and expressed. Dreams of love come true when we least expect them. I enjoyed reading this poem James

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