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Hey Man, Chilly Night

Not to mention, the man was John Coltrane
Negroe be holdin this lighted cigarrette almost done
he kept taking puffs
i felt like he was on his way to sucking the butt and choking on it
but it was John Coltrane
a man who knows about breathing and sucking
and blowing
better than any deepthroated woman on silly pronographic films
He played the gig with the utter perfection
in which saint peter opens the gates of heaven
and greets him
'hello john, jesus waitin for ya
says you'll be playin Alabama for the rest of your days.'
Big smoke and a street lamp,
i felt being drawn out by a comic strip underdog
Coltrane just rest his head on the brick wall
and said
'man, i been doing this shit for quite sometime now,
and it never gets old, ... i wish a muthafucka could stay that way too.'
Sometimes with the right kinda ears
you can hear the alabama tune
by the rumbling thunder in the skies
of jimmy cobb's snare

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