A Deleted Version

I love to hear the song
But not by my ear
The song is penned for some body
Who turns the song towards me?
After a few of serious songs
This melody seeks to set right me.
My heart longs to hear the song, however
Sing to kill me.
When I hear the hymn of the song
I feel I am in battlefield with no foes,
Rain is nowhere….but I am in rain.
Don’t sing for me-because
I got the upsetting curse not to listen this song.
My heart vehemently turns down the sound.
Carve the lyrics on my heart
By that
No humans perceive the sound of my heart’s whispering.
These absolute lines will be coming to my end
As a deleted version.

by glorious alice

Comments (11)

'Hey, that's no way to say goodbye' but that's the only way when one is in true love. Meeting and parting both become emotional. Thanks.
Such a lovely write by Leonard Cohen👍👍👍
Leonard Cohen could have sung the grocery list and sound profound, ever so sensual, and beguiling.
Kisses deep and warm! ! Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful poetry. 'your eyes are soft with sorrow, Hey, that's no way to say goodbye. '.. is so nice to say before parting.
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