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Hey There; Watch Out
MA ( / Memphis)

Hey There; Watch Out

Poem By Michael Alfonso

Everybody talks; Nobody listens
Just too many mistakes to be makin
Make Love; Make Fun
Don't have Hate; Never own a Gun
They say, watch out, Kids, you're about to sin
But we called god and he ain't listenin'

You stand tall; Tell us what to do
But if we follow that we'll never make it through
Think Fast; Think Big
When you hit a wall don't forget that you can dig
Hey there, Kids, ya ain't actin like you're supposed too
Maybe that's the point only we didn't tell you

Some say hurry; others say wait
Ma & Pop Fall at a rapid rate
Run Now; Run Scared
It's can't end till people won't care
Listen up, Kids, or your life's a waste
And they'll make sure cause their friends with the DA

Yes, times have changed since way back then
The war was waged with rock and roll to win
Work Fast; Work Hard
Fifteen years and then you're just a discard
Come on, Kids, better jump right in
But don't ever ask when life's supposed to begin

Time moves fast and Time moves slow
It all depends on where ya wanna go
Don't Cry; Don't Fight
Peaceful demonstration; still one of our rights
Hey there, Kids, where'd ya all go
It's time to throw away the sega and nintendo

Well, it ain't all changed some stayed the same
When ya go to cross the street ya gotta look both ways
Look Strong; Look Proud
Everybody's curious when ya got a big crowd
Watch out, Kids, you're makin too much noise
And the boys in blue can't wait to try their new toys

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