DC (4-04-92 / NY)

Hey, This Is New, Kind Of, Sort Of, Oh Well.

i'm a chemist,
and i'll sing this formula throughout your body.
i'd make your heart burst,
and i'd sing more lies.
the room's paid by the hour, then there are the teens,
who's condemned at their bitter end.
as if ever i'd go lower than my expectations, you'd be more of a
speak clearly, because i want you to steal a lie.
'the best part of believe is the lie'
we're staying down,
the elevator shaft,
the rollercoaster,
the burning city,
the 'hataz with their 'swag'
then You.
you're the only place
that feels like home.
i'm the first kid to spray perfume and at the same time,
juggle the low life i've been dreaming upon.
bite my lip,
you will be missed.
the rooms rent,
its not spaceous,
the eyelash curlers,
the lipstick marks, the straighteners,
the crowd,
the nollie heelflips,
the 50/50's
the guitar strings,
the famous faces,
the curves,
Then You.

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fabulously original. Dan, you inspire. hats off, goldy