Hi..Bird Of The Spring Season, What Is Your Name? [ Part-2 ]

Hi..Bird of Spring, What is your name?
[Part-2 ]

The pleasing painting of the morning
Perching somewhere on a secret bough!
From where do you drizzle your melodies?
Have you brought the heavens
Down to this earth?
Are your body and blood
The mesmerizing music?
Which nation's maestro
Is your blessed teacher?
After folding your artistic wings
Have you now spread
Your golden poetic wings?
Do you float in ecstasy
In the horizon of music?
Have you forgotten
O Bird, your earthly presence?
Yours is now a gentle rain
Of sweet syrupy honey!
It seems you would melt
In your music that sobs and heaves!
I presume you sing
Reminded of something privy!
Is it that you are entangled
In the web of strange thoughts?
Is this flood of melodies
To sweep away my longing heart?
Or is it the condensate
Of your loneliness from your sweetheart?


by sundaram chandrakalaadhar

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