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Hi Mom; Remember Me?
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Hi Mom; Remember Me?

Tissue warning.

Her eyes abrim with unshed tears
She tries her best to hide her fears.
But tells her beads compulsively.

Her soldier son a fighting man.
Is serving in Afghanistan.
She prays for him continuously.

She prays he will soon be home again
And bring an ending to the pain.
She cannot hide effectively.

But those of us who love her know
She is prepared to undergo
Her sufferings stoically.

It is her choice to hide her fears
It is her choice to hold back tears.
So we pretend we cannot see.

It is our choice to show respect
We know she’s trying to protect
us from sharing in her misery

but we have a secret too
We know her soldier son is due
to land almost immediately.

But he swore us to secrecy
Though we agreed reluctantly
We will stay with her until we see.

Him say “ Hi Mom remember me.”
The she will let her tears flow free
whilst she is smiling joyfully.

Sunday,22 January 2012
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