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Hi There (Hello)

I'm pretty nervous tonight
It shows
But here goes nothing
For something
I hope

That well
By the end of this
I'll be able to sit down
And find a click
A piece that I can take and wiggle a bit
Until it forms a perfect fit

So let me start this with
A simple introduction meant
To induce a meeting with which
You could hit a bullseye's width
With nothing more than some coffee, a bent dart
And a lit cigarette

You can call me Sam for the long of it, or Samantha for the short of it

I messed up my wording a tit
Let me start over
And try again
Another go
I promise
That it
I'll get it right this time
For sure this rhyme
Will hit a blitz
It'll be a jackpot hit
So here it goes again
Let's start from the top
So as not to miss

Did I go back too far?
Oh no
Let me skip ahead a bit
Collect my thoughts, and reiterate
The original message I was trying to communicate
Before nerves took hold and caused a paper jam from cramming too much paper down
A total brain shutdown

Now I've just started rambling again
Let me try this once more
I promise I'll get it right for sure
Straight from my core
One more time
So just wait a second while I scroll back up a tick
Ah here it is
Here we go again
Let's make it stick

I'm new here
You can call me Samantha, or Sam,
Whatever pleases ya
Ya know
I'm excited to be here
To grease the wheels and greet ya
I guess what I'm trying to say is
Through all the anxiety
I'm pleased to meet ya
Oh and did I mention

Hi there
I'm new here
Ya know

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Comments (2)

Ha! I understand this one hundred percent, the slip up of tongues, the frozen traffic of thought, the over frying of nerves. I just want to say, um yeah, this is, I think um... awesome!
let me say straight from the core- good one..10