Hi You Nice People!

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

All of my poems have been marked down by multiples of 'one '.
If everyone here wants to stay in an environment like this so be it.

Are you guys real or just strange imitations?

Comments about Hi You Nice People!

Mary, I didn't really mean to imply that I would like you to continue writing to me. Just wanted to mention that Sonja called me a fascist, a nazi and a misogynist, so that should give you an idea. Since I get the distinct impression that you and her would probably relish the thought of me being put down like Terry S., I will stay out of your hair. I am innocent, not braindead but so is that unfortunate lady in the USA. Glad you told me that you are good. Nice to meet you. H
We have extreme longevity in the family.95 is when life begins and the cognitive abilities reach a new peak. God did not create all of us as equals. H
I am not angry, Mary. Just disappointed that there are so many stupid people out there.People of no significance. As to what gives me the right to do something like critiquing etc., I give myself the right to do that, don't need permission for that at all. Since you state that 'thoughts of me' aren't that important to you I would suggest you resist the urge to have the last word here, you are not exactly covering yourself with glory. The words of a wise old woman from my gene pool: 'If you want to mix it with the big boys and girls, you must grow up first.' Good luck. H
Mary, you amaze me. You should have sent that last comment to the (private) inbox. That way you could have avoided showing the whole world... Ratings, no I did mean the 90's, on second thought 900 would be more appropriate. As to the rest of you rambling, especially the idiotic drivel about me dictating who is on this site perhaps you should read your National Enquirer more thoroughly. And it is cute of you to worry about my insecurity cum old age. Too bad that you flashed your IQ again, it goes well with your personality, what there is of it. But I am heartbroken that you no longer 'respect' my work. What should I do now? Take Prozac or find a fast train? A word of advice: Sleep on things before you write them in the open. H-900
.'...if you get a one and you don't feel you deserve it...(which you may not) ....' May is interesting in your choice of words. Sitting on the fence, if you do like my work you would not talk like that. However, I have NOTHING against someone commenting in words on what he/she thinks of my stuff. I have a great deal against those who will give 'ones' anonymously. Did I make myself clear this time? Excuse the touchiness if it was received as such, it must be the climate here, and as to the IQ, it seemed to me that the subject was easy enough to understand. I will try to send less of my righteous indignation to you in the future, it ought to go to the hiders. H

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