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so, you showed me that you love me
you proved it yesterday
and yet i did the same
i dont think you feel that way

you did stuff with me to make me happy
i did the same stuff to make you happy
and yet all we needed to do
was be our selves and love one another

i held your hand one day
so you held mine
i kissed you one day
so you kissed me all the time

but now we're broken up
and i feel it was for the best
though we both know we cant stay away from each other
since we like each other so much

no maybe niether of us our in love
not even i with butterflies
but i am liking you
oh yes so much

ive told you that im waiting
that ill be waiting forever
and you just roll your eyes
not knowing what to say

so i apologize for rushing
for hurting you in any way
but im writing this poem to tell you
do not be afraid

if you like me
ask me out
if you dont
then please tell

and if you like me
and dont want a girl
tell me that also
so that i know

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