Hiaku's Gone Wrong [just Like This]

Poem By Claire nc Castachino

friendship; ; in the form of
d e c e p t i o n
clinging to reality...
or lack there of;
extracuricular activites:
breaking hearts

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feeling of words tangeled on my tongue
when i really don't know what to say to make this better
a reasonable facsimile of
what i think happiness is -

A Moment Of Silence At 11: 11

your narcolepsy...
one last photograph
lucid eyes...memories
faded sharpie says it all;

The Ballad

i thought if my screams were loud enough
you'd rescue me
but you were deaf to the sound of my voice
your own earpiercing lullaby


solids or stripes?
yellow and chocolate; white chocolate
dappled not gray

The Beatdown

i've never felt like this -
never dealt with this...
and i only wish
that you could taste... my... fist