SN ( / midwest, usa)


i need to warn you
im trying something new
going to write
after having a few

dont know what ill write
the words will just come
hope this is good
when i am done

had too much wine
a few beers too
now going to write'
or try too

what will i write
dont really know
but im going to try
so here i go

glad i think i got
something called spellchecker
i hope it works
ill try to remember

but if i dont
please forgive me
im writing
after having a few


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Comments (2)

Sandy, this is absolutely great! If you had a few more, we might get a sonnet or something! I don't have to be drunk to screw up my spelling. Sounds wierd to say this- drink some more to get another beauty of a poem! ! A defenite 10.
Cute! Enjoyed this! =) Thanks for sharing! Lookin' forward to viewing more! Ciao, Kristin