Hidden And Forbidden To Live

Under the surface.
More is there unrevealed.
Kept under surface.
There to remain concealed.
Under the surface.
Done and with a purpose.

If one curious enough,
To look under the surface.
There they will discover,
More than assumptions.
To accept and perceive,
A doing to label it superficiality.
If one should look,
Beyond what is assumed.

If one should look,
Beyond what they take for granted.
They will uncover,
More unshown and unknown to be real.
But kept to keep,
Officially under-rated.
Just to placate,
Those who wish...
A reality to stay,
Degraded and safely unappreciated.

From under the surface,
Much there is planted and goes unseen.
From under the surface,
What takes place...
Gives those who know this,
An ability above ground...
To deceive with misdeeds.

Left under surface.
Until it blooms.
Are the facts unshackled,
From a boring to assume...
What's superficial.

Facts to reveal from a doing to conceal.
Aren't superficial.
When noticed they've been kept,
Under the surface.
With a purpose to be left,
Kept under surface.
Like a doing to keep truth...
Hidden and forbidden to live.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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